Sentence Examples with the word iguanidae

Xenosaurus seems to be an offshoot intermediate between the Iguanidae and the Anguidae; a degraded form of latter is perhaps Aniella of California, whilst Heloderma and Lanthanotus are also specialized and isolated offshoots.

Zonuridae and Anguidae assume a central position, with Agamidae and Iguanidae as two parallel families (not very different from each other) of highest development, one in the Old World, the other in America.

Rock-lizard, the vernacular name of Sceloporus torquatus which is one of the Iguanidae misspelt and misapplied.

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In their general structure the Iguanidae closely resemble the Agamidae, from which they differ mainly by the pleurodont dentition.

IGUANA, systematically Iguanidae (Spanish quivalent of Carib iwana), a family of pleurodont lizards, comprising about 50 genera and 300 species.