Sentence Examples with the word ignited

TiN 2 is a dark blue powder obtained when the oxide is ignited in an atmosphere of ammonia; while TiN is obtained as a bronze yellow mass as hard as the diamond by heating the oxide in an atmosphere of nitrogen in the electric furnace.

The crucible is then removed from the rubber support, weighed and replaced; the liquid is filtered through in the ordinary way; and the crucible with its contents is again removed, dried, ignited and weighed.

Zinc may be quantitatively estimated by precipitating as basic carbonate, which is dried and ignited to zinc oxide.

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About 1645 a powder magazine in the Propylaea was ignited by lightning and the upper portion of the structure was destroyed.

This uranate when ignited in a platinum crucible leaves a green oxide of the composition U308, i.e.

It fuses easily in the electric arc. It oxidizes superficially when heated, but fairly rapidly when ignited in an oxidizing blowpipe flame, forming a black smoke of the oxide.

When ignited in a current of hydrogen it yields tiianium trifluoride, TiF 3, as a violet powder.

The metal sinks through the ignited fuel, forming, in the hearth, a spongy mass or ball, which is lifted out by the smelters at the end of each operation, and carried to the forge hammer.

However much compressed by mechanical means it is still a porous mass, and when it is confined as in a gun the flame and hot gases from the portion first ignited permeate the remainder, generally causing it actually to detonate, or to burn so rapidly that its action approaches detonation.

Thorpe), by heating to dull redness an intimate dry mixture of the oxide and ignited lamp-black in dry chlorine.