Sentence Examples with the word if not

Plant out gladioli, if not done, tigridias and fine stocks.

Several indications suggest that the revolt was one in which the men of Judah originally took the leading if not the only part.

By the reign of Henry II., if not before, Winchelsea was practically added to the Cinque Ports and shared their liberties.

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By 404 he was the most powerful man in the Greek world and set about completing the task of building up a Spartan empire in which he should be supreme in fact if not in name.

On the death of his brother Giacopo, one of the most powerful men in the city, Pandolfo succeeded to all the latter's offices and emoluments (1497), thus becoming in fact if not in name master of Siena.

Speakers to be named with him in his best days at the Irish bar; but his style, if not of the most perfect kind, and often disfigured by decided faults, was marked by a peculiar subtlety and manly power, and produced great and striking effects.

In support of that theory it is pointed out that the average Japanese, man or woman, will recount a death or some other calamity in his own family with a perfectly calm, if not a smiling, face.

Though the fondness of this species for the seeds of flax (Linum) and hemp (Cannabis) has given it its common name in so many European languages,' it feeds largely, if not chiefly in Britain on the seeds of plants of the order Compositae, especially those growing on heaths and commons.

Even as a child her parts were good, if not brilliant, but unfortunately her education was both imperfect and desultory.

For the next ten years Baldwin ruled his principality with success, if not without severity.