Sentence Examples with the word ie

Zend asha for Sanskrit tha, Old Persian aria (in dy taxerxes); fravashi for Pahlavi fravardln, New Persian ferrer tn ie spirits of the dead).

Vast p PRINTED If ouds of dust and stones, blown out of the crater and funnel of ie volcano, were hurled into the air and carried for hundreds miles, the finer particles falling to the earth even.

When Horus grew ie set out to avenge his fathers murder, and after terrible ggles finally conquered and dispossessed his wicked uncle; is another version relates, the combatants were separated by th, and Egypt divided between them, the northern part ng to Horus and the southern to Seth.

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On one of the ridges Itween these radiating valleys an observatory for watching ie progress of the volcano was established by the Neapolitan)vernment, and is still supported as a national institution.

The Latin never yields ie in Catalan as it does in French and occasionally in Provenal; s e d e t becomes seu (where u represents the final d), p e d e m makes peu, and e go eu; in some words where the tonic is followed by a syllable in which an i occurs, it may become I (ir, he r i; mig, me di us; m-,is, m eli us); and the same holds good for in a similar situation (ciri, c r i u s, c e r e u s; fire, f e r i a), and for e in a close syllable before a nasal (eximpli, e x e to p 1 u m; mintr for mentir, gint for gent).

Their inice is particularly conspicuous in the prominent place accorded ie sun-god Re, and in the creation-legend that made him the er of gods and men.

In 1816 the first annual conference was held, id in 1843 there was instituted a general conference, composed delegates chosen by the annual conferences and constituting ie highest legislative and judicial authority in the church.

Sometimes ie and ue in the modern language are changed into i and e: silia from s b 11 a (Old Cast.

Both S ie g e of flung to the winds the European rules of warfare, Delhi.