Sentence Examples with the word idolized

Scott, 3 vols., 1905), and then the Letters, the Prayers and Meditations, and the Poems, to which may doubtfully be added the once idolized Rasselas.

Martha and Quinn idolized the town as well.

He idolized Frederick the Great, and denounced Jews, Greeks, and the cosmopolitan Goethe.

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At the head of his troops, who idolized him, he was a Cromwell, adding to the zeal of a fanatic and the energy of the born leader the special military skill and trained soldierly spirit which the English commander had to gain by experience.

But he obviously idolized Martha and she seemed to be a calming influence on him.

Because he had been the first ruler in Jerusalem Godfrey was idolized in later saga.

He'd always wanted a big brother and idolized Aaron.

His feelings towards Sarah resembled those toward his older sister, Emily, whom he idolized as a caregiver, teacher, and confident.