Sentence Examples with the word identifying

The bikers wore helmets and most were in a low tuck position, making it difficult to get an identifying look at them.

But the most frightful of all the forms which 3 There is no means of identifying the place besieged.

C. Druce's will, and also as identifying Druce with the duke of Portland.

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But criticism is still busy attempting to trace these also to historical originals, and Theodor Abeling (Das Nibelungenlied, 1907) makes out a very plausible case for identifying Siegfried with Segeric, son of the Burgundian king Sigimund, Brunhild with the historical Brunichildis, and Hagen with a certain Hagnericus, who, according to the Life of St Columban, guided the saint (the chaplain of the Nibelungenlied), who had incurred the enmity of Brunichildis, safe to the court of her grandson Theuderich, king of the West Franks.

This process, which reached its culmination in the post-Khammurabic period, led to identifying the planet Jupiter with Marduk, Venus with Ishtar, Mars with Nergal, Mercury with Nebo, and Saturn with Ninib.

It is clear that Ignatius never dreamed of putting his Society before the church nor of identifying the two institutions.

Here, again, he went much further than Leibnitz, but along with Schelling, in identifying the physical and the psychical as outer and inner sides of the same process, in which the inner is the real and the outer the apparent.

But Proverbs seems not to go the length of identifying righteousness with almsgiving, as is done in Dan.

Fichte thus transformed the transcendental idealism of Kant by identifying the thing with the object, and by interpreting noumenon, not in Kant's sense of something which speculative reason conceives and practical reason postulates to exist in accordance with the idea, but in the new meaning of a thought, a product of reason.

I, identifying it with the Passover which was near in vi.