Sentence Examples with the word idealist

For the natural realist stands upon the common-sense position that minds and material objects have equally effective existence; while the idealist explains matter by mind and denies that mind can be explained by matter.

From the point of view of our grouping, he is an idealist of anomalous type.

He was a psychological idealist and a metaphysical realist.

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Realist make him almost if not quite intuitionalist; while there is also an idealist reading possible.

At least, idealist philosophy will hold that the substance if not the form of the argument is sound 4 though the question of its interpretation remains.

Such considerations prevailed where we might least expect to find them, in the mind of the idealist Berkeley.

It is the precise mode of this relation which idealist philosophers leave obscure.

He represented an empiricism which, so far from refuting, was actually based on, idealism, and yet was alert to expose the fallacies of a particular idealist construction (see his essay in Ethical Democracy, edited by Dr Stanton Coit).

But the theory must, as a metaphysical theory, be reckoned on the idealist side.

He flattered in turn Saint Just and the Terrorists, the Thermidorians and the Directors, and played always for his own hand - a strange egoist who rose to fame as the leader of an idealist and sentimental crusade.