Sentence Examples with the word ida

On the western edge of the plateau several short ranges, running approximately east and west, rise above the general level: - Sultan Dagh (6500 ft.); SalbacusCadmus (8000 ft.); Messogis (3600 ft.); Latmus (6000 ft.); Tmolus (5000 ft.); Dindymus (8200 ft.); Ida (5800 ft.); and the Mysian Olympus (7600 ft.).

Jenny Nachman pulled the short straw to carry the news to Ida Wassermann.

The great heights of Ida rise in the east.

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P. Tregarthen, Commonwealth of Australia; Ida Lee, Early Days of Australia; W.

The island first attracted the notice of archaeologists by the remarkable archaic Greek bronzes found in a cave on Mount Ida in 1885, as well as by epigraphic monuments such as the famous law of Gortyna; but the first undoubted Aegean remains reported from it were a few objects extracted from Cnossus by Minos Kalokhairinos of Candia in 1878.

One tablet records that in 1631 two Algerine pirate crews landed in Ireland, sacked Baltimore, and carried off its inhabitants to slavery; another recalls the romantic escape of Ida M'Donnell, daughter of Admiral Ulric, consulgeneral of Denmark, and wife of the British consul.

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West of Ararat high hills extend along the Black Sea, between which and the Taurus range lies the plateau of Asia Minor, reaching to the Aegean Sea; the mountains along the Black Sea, on which are the Olympus and Ida of the ancients, rise to 6000 or 7000 ft.; the Taurus is more lofty, reaching 8000 and 10,000 ft.; both ranges decline in altitude as they approach the Mediterranean.

Still more difficult is it to make this distinction when we read of the mythical Dactyls of Ida in Crete or the Telchines or Cyclopes being acquainted with the smelting of It is not, however, likely that later Greek writers, who knew bronze in its true sense, and called it XaXK6, would have employed this word without qualification for objects which they had seen unless they had meant it to be taken as bronze.

And reaching back a mile or so from the river to highlands which rise to a height of 400 ft., with Mt Ida (240 ft.