Sentence Examples with the word id

It appears from experience that the mean obliquity should not exceed 15; therefore the maximum obliquity should be about 30; therefore the equal arcs DI and ID should each be one-sixth of a circumference; therefore the circumference of the describing circle should be six limes the pitch.

Bede, writing in the 8th century, speaks of Wiltaburg, id est oppidum Wiltorum, lingua autem Gallica Trajectum vocatur.

Bitumen is found at Hit, whence perhaps its name (Babylonian Id in Tukulti Ninib II.'s inscription referred to above), and near the Tigris.2 Climate.

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If it comes down to it and we need an ID later in the week, I can locate the Greek god guy and show him the picture, but I didn't want to take the chance this early.

The cause of his leaving Amid was probably either the great pestilence which broke out there in 534 or the furious persecution directed against the Monophysites by Ephraim (patriarch of Antioch 529-544) and Abraham (bishop of Am id c. 520-541).

The officer stared at her then held up an ID card with the boy's picture.

The term oxyloiyte is open to the obiection that some peaty waters are alkaline, id not acidic as the term implies.

Of France, and about the same time Lery (Voyage fait id terre du Bresil, ch.

Roman Catholic writers, 4 however, have explained the prohibition to apply to matters of faith only, and in that case the Tridentine decree is little else than another form of the Vincentian canon which has been widely accepted in the Anglican communion: curandum est ut id teneamus quod ubique, quod semper, quod ab omnibus creditum est.

Spanheim, Gangraena theologiae Anabaptisticae (Franekerd, 1656); Balthasar Lydius, Waldensia, id est conservatio verae Ecclesiae (Rotterdam, 1616); Herman Schyn, Historiae Mennonitarum (Amsterdam, 1729); Joh.