Sentence Examples with the word ichneumon

The ichneumon (Pharaohs rat) is common and often tame; the coney and jerboa are found in the eastern mountains.

Hymenopterid flowers, which fall into the following groups: Bee-flowers proper, humble-bee flowers requiring a longer proboscis to reach the nectar, wasp-flowers such as fig-wort (Scrophularia nodosa) and ichneumon flowers such as tway-blade (Listera ovata).

The common ichneumon is rare.

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The ichneumon pierces the body of a caterpillar and lays her eggs where the grubs will find abundant animal food.

But the Bushmen's mythical theory of the origin of things must, as far as possible, be kept apart from the fables of the Mantis, the Ichneumon and other divine beings.

No group of terrestrial insects escapes their attacks - even larvae boring in wood are detected by ichneumon flies with excessively long ovipositors.

But the story of the ichneumon or mongoose is a fable.

The porcupine, the squirrel, the civet cat, the ichneumon and the otter are common.

Among the mammals that fall under this head are the common genet (Genetta vulgaris), which extends, however, pretty far north, and is found also in the south of France, the fallowdeer, the porcupine (very rare), and a species of ichneumon (Herpestes Widdr-ingtonii), which is confined to the Peninsula, and is the only European species of this African genus.