Sentence Examples with the word ice cream

The homemade ice cream stand drew her attention, and she crossed to it.

They had cake and ice cream and talked for nearly an hour about one thing and another.

Jake Weller presented it to Dean one sunny afternoon while the two were sharing a diet-breaking ice cream on the stoop of a Seventh Avenue candy store.

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He took a bite out of an ice cream bar he found in the refrigerator.

She stirred the ice cream until it was soft.

The three of us rode out to Rick's Gourmet Ice Cream where we calmed our souls with three scoops of Cherry Cheesecake for Betsy and a like amount of extreme Chocolate for Molly and me.

Aaron and I are going into town for an ice cream sundae.

They sold like homemade ice cream on a summer day.

If we thought Howie was upset over the Youngblood matter, it was arsenic versus ice cream compared to how enraged he was over a challenge to his ability.

They're gonna serve fresh ice cream in hell before that lady gets a sniff at this here notebook, even if it proves to be worthless scratchings.