Sentence Examples with the word iberia

The two churches of Iberia and Albania at first depended on the Armenian for ordination of their primates or catholici, and in large part owed their first constitution to Armenian missionaries sent by Gregory the Illuminator.

NEW IBERIA, a city of Louisiana, U.S.A., capital of Iberia parish, on the Bayou Teche, in the southern part of the state, about 125 m.

I) the term Iberia is said to have embraced the country as far east as the Rhone (see Herodorus of Heraclea, Fragm.

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Himilco, a contemporary of Hanno, was charged with an expedition along the west coast of Iberia northward, and as far as the uncertain references to this voyage can be understood, he seems to have passed the Bay of Biscay and possibly sighted the coast of England.

In reply, Graslin (De l'Iberie, Paris, 1839), maintained that the name Iberia was nothing but a Greek misnomer of Spain, and that there was no proof that the Basque people had ever occupied a wider area than at present; and Blade (Origine des Basques, Paris, 1869) took the same line of argument, holding that Iberia is a purely geographical term, that there was no.

The megalithic monuments of Iberia and Celtic Europe have their counterparts in northern Africa, and it is suggested that these were all erected by the same race, by whatever name they be known, Berbers and Libyans in Africa, Iberians in Spain, Celts, Gauls and Picts in France and Britain.

The Celtiberians may have been so called because they were thought to be the descendants of Celtic immigrants from Gaul into Iberia (Spain), or because they were regarded (cf.

Seven cities and towns in 1 goo had more than 5000 inhabitants each: New Orleans (287,104), Shreveport (16,013), Baton Rouge (11,269), New Iberia (6815), Lake Charles (6680), Alexandria (5648) and Monroe (5428).

I-8), of the valley of the Cyrus (Kur) and the land lying between it and the Caucasus range from Iberia to the Caspian Sea, i.

New Iberia was laid out in 1835 and was chartered as a city in 1839.