Sentence Examples with the word ia

Pardo Bazn, Per Ia Espana pintoresca (Barcelona, 1895); R.

Xxvi.; Grdgoire and Wygaerts, La Reconstitution do noyau et Ia formation des chromosomes daos las cinses somatiques, i.

London, 1894); Hirase, Etudes sur Ia fhcondation et lEmbryogenie du Ginkgo biloba, Journ.

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Xix.; Berghs, La Formation des chromosomes hthrotypiques dans Ia sporognse vCgtale, La Cellule (1904), vol.

Spectrograph is the larger of the two it becomes necessary to adjust the object glass 0 1 farther C Ia from the stellar spectrograph.

Then rahd); at the end of every word it behaves like ts, that is to say, changes.into u (preu, p, r e t i u m); instead of ts the second person plural of the verba t(i)s, e t(i)s, it(i)snow has au, eu, ia after having had ats, els its..

All the more remarkable spirits of the time, like prophets in Israel, denounced a tyranny which put Chamillart at the head of the finances because he played billiards well, and Villeroy in command of the armies although he was utterly untrustworthy; which sent the patriot Vauban into disgrace, banished from the court Catinat, the Pre Ia Pense, exiled to Cambrai the too clear sighted Fnelon, and suspected Racine of Jansenism and La Fontaine of independence.

A third Belgian company, Socit anonyme pour Ia fabrication du sucre en Perse, with a large capital, then came to Persia, and began making beetroot sugar in the winter of 1895.

The central administration (administration centrale) comprises three classes of functions which together constitute Ia police.

Esp. (1895, I896, 1898 and 1902); C. Barrois, Recherches sur les terrains anciens des Asturies et de Ia Galicie, in Mm.