Sentence Examples with the word iPad

He trotted down a set of black lacquered stairs, an iPad tucked under one arm.

Damian sat at the desk, bent over his iPad as he scanned messages and reports from immortals across the globe.

He reached back to grab the iPad and clicked the picture open.

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He tried to grab the iPad with his other hand.

She waited for him to go to his room to change before reclaiming the iPad with the goal of deleting that damn picture.

The door to his bedroom was open, and there was a note on the iPad that sat within plain view on the kitchen counter nearest the stairs.

As she spoke, she pulled the iPad loose and handed it to Gabe.

He set the iPad he carried on a totaled machine a few feet away without coming closer.

Jessi poured herself more coffee, eyes going to the blank iPad calendar.

An iPad in a bright green case and a cell phone labeled work phone!!!!! was sitting on the table in the informal dining area, a sticky note on it.