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The sublime and solitary figure of Elijah, whom we are apt to take as the typical figure of a prophet in the old kingdom, has little in common with the picture even of the true prophet which we derive from I Kings xxii.; and when his history is carefully and critically read it is found to give no reason to think that he stood in any close relation to the prophetic societies of his time.

Till Amos (with the solitary exception of Micaiah ben Imlah, in i Kings xxii.) prophecy was optimist - even Elijah, if he denounced the destruction of a dynasty and the annihilation of all who had bowed the knee to Baal, never doubted of the future of the nation when only the faithful remained; but the new prophecy is pessimist - it knows that Israel is rotten to the core, and that the whole fabric of society must be dissolved before reconstruction is possible.

A most instructive passage in this respect is i Kings xxii., where we find some four hundred prophets gathered together round the king, and where it is clear that Jehoshaphat was equally convinced, on the one hand, that the word of Yahweh could be found among the prophets, and on the other that it was very probable that some, or even the mass of them, might be no better than liars.

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After the call of Elisha the narrative contains no notice of Elijah for several years, although the LXX., by placing I Kings xxi.

The royal houses of Phoenicia, Israel and Judah were united by intermarriage, and the last two by joint undertakings in trade and war (note also i Kings ix.

Babylonia was a land of merchants and agriculturists; Assyria was an organized camp. The Assyrian dynasties were founded Dynasty of Isin of I i kings for 1324 years.

Lang.).3 The following is probably an exhaustive list of the substances available for incense or perfume mentioned in the Hebrew Scriptures: - Algum or almug wood (almug in I Kings X.

Tributary nations thus do not seem to have attempted any revolt during his lifetime (see i Kings xi.

Examples of passages due to the compiler: I Kings ii.

The Hebrew words Algummim or Almuggim are translated Algum or Almug trees in the authorized version of the Bible (see i Kings x.