Sentence Examples with the word hypocrite

Huntly, as a Royalist, was decapitated at Edinburgh; and the envoys of Charles, thanks to the advice of Montrose, failed to induce him to stamp himself a recreant and a hypocrite by signing any covenants.

According to VelleIus Paterculus and Pliny, he was a hypocrite and cared for nothing but amassing wealth.

Continuing for yet a little longer his course of feverous, almost frenzied, opposition to the throne, on the 3rd of July he electrified France by his bold denunciation of the king, not only as a hypocrite and a despot, but as a base traitor to the constitution.

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The writers of the next century generally condemned him as a mixture of knave, fanatic and hypocrite, and in 1839 John Forster endorsed Landor's verdict that Cromwell lived a hypocrite and died a traitor.