Sentence Examples with the word hyperbole

Nay, the allegorical interpretation, which takes the locusts to be hostile invaders, breaks through the laws of all reasonable writing; for the poetical hyperbole which compares the invading swarms to an army (ii.

What might seem a hyperbole is only to repeat what I hear on every side.

I suppose using such hyperbole makes Coldplay feel good about themselves.

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I could have really put the hyperbole into top gear and said that you would not take mental health reform seriously.

Once more an interchange of recriminations began, charged with all the violent hyperbole characteristic of the controversial style of the age.

His contempt of luxury, his avoidance of hyperbole and dislike of excessive ceremony, his protection to commerce and consideration for his soldiers, the reluctance with which he assumed the crown almost at the close of his reignall these would have been praiseworthy in another man; but on his death the memory of his atrocious tyranny alone survived.

Some treat them with a pinch of salt, seeing the stories as typical press hyperbole to boost sales.