Sentence Examples with the word hydroxy

He prepared the cyanhydrins of glucose and fructose, hydrolysed them to the corresponding oxy-acids, from which the hydroxy groups were split out by reduction; it was found that glucose yielded normal heptylic acid and fructose methylbutylacetic acid; hence glucose is an aldehyde alcohol, CH 2 OH (CH OH) 4 CHO, whilst fructose is a ketone alcohol CH 2 OH (CH OH) 3 CO.

By eliminating the hydroxy groups in these acids the same nitrobenzoic acid is obtained, which yields on reduction an aminobenzoic acid different from the starting-out acid.

This permits the writing of cinchonine, for example, as C,H6N CioH15(OH)N, the hydroxy group being in the part CioH15(OH)N, about which the constitution is uncertain.

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An a-pyrrolidine carboxylic acid and its hydroxy derivatives have been detected by E.

We proceed to consider various simple derivatives of the alcohols, which we may here regard as hydroxy hydrocarbons, R OH, where R is an alkyl radical, either aliphatic or cyclic in nature.

The facts suggested that the six carbon atoms formed a chain, and that a hydroxy group was attached to five of them, for it is very rare for two hydroxy groups to be attached to the same carbon atom.

Laudanine, C20H25N04, is very similar to laudanosine, differing in having three methoxy groups and one hydroxy instead of four methoxy.