Sentence Examples with the word hydrography

In 1730 he was made professor of hydrography at Havre, and succeeded P. L.

The hydrography of Mexico, therefore, is of the simplest description - a number of small streams flowing from the plateau or mountain slopes eastward to the Gulf of Mexico and westward to the Pacific. Most of these are little more than mountain torrents, but one has a course exceeding 500 m., and few have navigable channels.

Beekman, De Strijd om het Bestaan (Zutphen, 1887), a manual on the characteristic hydrography of the Netherlands; and E.

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Except in the extreme south the hydrography of Chile is of the simplest description, all the larger rivers having their sources in the.

The work of the Franco-Liberian delimitation commission in1908-1909cleared up many points connected with the hydrography of the country.

The hydrography of the campo region of Minas Geraes is extremely complicated.

The actual elevation of the canal above sea-level is not known, but is of primary importance to the study of the hydrography of South America.

The hydrography of the Caspian Sea has been studied by von Baer, by N.

P. Davis, Hydrography of Nicaragua (U.S.A. Geological Survey report, No.

He was nominated professor of hydrography at Marseilles in 1685, and in that capacity carried out various coast surveys.