Sentence Examples with the word hydrazine

Chem., 1905, (2), 71, p. 452) by reducing ruthenium salts with hydrazine hydrate in the presence of gum-arabic.

Goldschmidt, Ber., 1888, 21, p. 2578), and on reduction with zinc dust (preferably in alcoholic acetic acid solution) they yield usually a hydrazine and an amine.

The acid can also be obtained by the action of nitrous acid on hydrazine sulphate; by the oxidation of hydrazine by hydrogen peroxide and sulphuric acid (A.

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HYDRAZONE, in chemistry, a compound formed by the condensation of a hydrazine with a carbonyl group (see Alde Hydes; Ketones).

Thus with hydroxylamine aldehydes yield aldoximes, R CH: N OH, and ketones, ketoximes, R 2 C: N OH (see Oximes), while phenyl hydrazine gives phenylhydrazones, R 2 C:N NH C 6 H 5 (see Hydrazones).

Thiosemicarbazide, NH 2 CS NH NH 2, prepared from hydrazine sulphate, potassium carbonate and thiocyanate (N.

Amidoguanidine is a body of hydrazine type, for it reduces gold and silver salts and yields a benzylidine derivative.

The diketotetrahydrotriazoles, or urazoles, are formed by condensing urea derivatives with hydrazine salts, urazole itself resulting by the action of urea or biuret on hydrazine or its salts.

Semioxamazide, H 2 N CO CO-NH NH 2, is prepared by the action of hydrazine hydrate on oxamaethane (W.

Amidourea, or semicarbazide, NH 2 CO NH NH 2, is best prepared from hydrazine sulphate and potassium cyanate (J.