Sentence Examples with the word hybrid

The dissociation of the hybrid element in a plant must be obviated by careful selection.

In the first hybrid generation formed by the union of the reproductive germs of the positive variety (that possessing the structural character selected for observation) with those of the negative variety, it is not surprising that all or nearly all the individuals were found to exhibit, as a result of the mixture, the positive character.

If this is so, and the endosperm like the embryo is normally the product of a sexual act, hybridization will give a hybrid endosperm as it does a hybrid embryo, and herein (it is suggested) we may have the explanation of the phenomenon of xenia observed in the mixed endosperms of hybrid races of maize and other plants, regarding which it has only been possible hitherto to assert that they were indications of the extension of the influence of the pollen beyond the egg and its product.

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Innumerable little streams overlap and interlace one with another, exhibiting a sort of hybrid product, which obeys half way the law of currents, and half way that of vegetation.

There are now several hybrid forms.

Gothic architecture, which had always flourished feebly on Italian soil, was supplanted by a hybrid Roman style.

Someone has to sequence DNA, cure polio, create hybrid seeds to feed the world, and invent the Internet.

In fact, a hybrid work in two languages would be a literary monstrosity.

A chestnut mare, after having a hybrid by a quagga, produced to a black Arabian horse three foals showing a number of stripes - in one more stripes were present than in the quagga hybrid.

Ethics have become more distinctively a science, instead of an awkward hybrid between a science and an art; their business has been to investigate what moral conduct is, not to lay down the law as to what it ought to be.