Sentence Examples with the word hyaline

The changes produced at a distance by distribution of toxins may be very manifold - cloudy swelling and fatty degeneration, serous effusions, capillary haemorrhages, various degenerations of muscle, hyaline degeneration of small blood-vessels, and, in certain chronic diseases, waxy degeneration, all of which may be widespread, are examples of the effects of toxins, rapid or slow in action.

The entosternites are cartilaginous in texture, but they have neither the chemical character nor the microscopic structure of the hyaline cartilage of Vertebrates.

This is usually much clearer and more hyaline than the general cytoplasm.

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A reddish-brown body, known as the eyespot, is usually situated near the limits of the hyaline portion, and in the protoplasm contractile vacuoles similar to those of lower animals have been occasionally detected.

It becomes visible when the polypide begins to protrude its tentacles, making its appearance through the orifice as a delicate hyaline frill through which the tentacles are pushed.

Chromulina is uniciliate, and is contained in a hyaline capsule.

Much of the latter takes the form of hyaline supporting tissue, embedded in which are scattered cells and fibres.

The hyaline material, unlike the amyloid, does not give the metachromatic staining reactions with methyleneviolet or iodine.