Sentence Examples with the word hutton

In 1783 appeared at Paris the first edition of Francois Callet's tables, which correspond to those of Hutton in England.

James Hutton (1726-1797) had set forth (1788) the principle that during all geological time there has been no essential change in the character of events, and that uniformity of law is perfectly consistent with mutability in the results.

In 1855 Hutton and Bagehot became joint-editors of the National Review, a new monthly, and conducted it for ten years.

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TO MRS. LAURENCE HUTTON 12 Newbury Street, Boston, March 5, 1899. ...I am now sure that I shall be ready for my examinations in June.

There is reason to believe, on the evidence of two pay-bills, that for a short time in 1755 and 1756 Hutton worked in Old Long Benton colliery; at any rate, on Ivison's promotion to a living, Hutton succeeded to the Jesmond school, whence, in consequence of increasing pupils, he removed to Stote's Hall.

TO MRS. LAURENCE HUTTON 559 Madison Avenue, New York, January 2, 1900. ...We have been here a week now, and are going to stay with Miss Rhoades until Saturday.

RICHARD HOLT HUTTON (1826-1897), English writer and theologian, son of Joseph Hutton, Unitarian minister at Leeds, was born at Leeds on the 2nd of June 1826.

TO MRS. LAURENCE HUTTON Wrentham, July 29, 1899. ...I passed in all the subjects I offered, and with credit in advanced Latin....

TO MRS. LAURENCE HUTTON Cambridge, Mass., May 3, 1897. ...You know I am trying very hard to get through with the reading for the examinations in June, and this, in addition to my regular schoolwork keeps me awfully busy.

Mrs. Hutton is a true and tried friend.