Sentence Examples with the word hut

Vallot built an observatory and shelter hut (14,31 2 ft.) on the Bosses du Dromadaire (north-west ridge of the mountain), and in 1893 T.

The earliest cemeteries and hut foundations of the Alban Hills belong to the Iron age, and cemeteries and objects of a similar character have been found in Rome itself and in southern Etruria, especially the characteristic hut-urns.

In Tahiti and Tonga clothing might be discarded without offence, provided the individual were tattooed; and among the Caribs a woman might leave the hut without her girdle but not unpainted.

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The French occupied the Passeyerthal on the 23rd of November, and Hofer was obliged to seek shelter in a hut on the mountain pastures.

The pain caused by his removal into the hut had made him groan aloud and again lose consciousness.

The hut was made in the following manner, which had then come into vogue.

He built him a little hut for shelter at night and in stormy weather.

All over the place are imperial tablets of different dynasties, with glowing tributes to the one man whom China delights to honour; and on the right of the grandson's mound is a small house said to mark the place of the hut where Tze-kung passed his nearly five years of loving vigil.

After the skins have been carefully removed - the sooner after death the better for the subsequent condition of the fur - they are lightly tacked out, pelt outwards, and, without being exposed to the sun or close contact with a fire, allowed to dry in a hut or shady place where there is some warmth or movement of air.

Peter himself lived among his workmen, himself the most strenuous of them all, in a small two-roomed wooden hut at Voronezh.