Sentence Examples with the word husky

She said the word in a hushed voice that sounded husky and sexy with her newfound status as a seductress.

His voice was husky as he lifted her into his arms and carried her to the window seat.

His deep voice was husky with desire.

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The words were purred in her husky voice yet felt as if they'd been shouted.

With a husky breath, she dropped to his lap, dove both hands into his hair and pulled his head back, planting a hard kiss on his lips.

The Dark One's mate took on a husky note that made her flush.

I went to get Frenchmen, answered Tikhon boldly and hurriedly, in a husky but melodious bass voice.

His voice was little more than a husky whisper as he pulled her close and sought her lips.

He reached for her again, his voice husky with emotion.

Xander's low voice, with its naturally husky edge, made her flush.