Sentence Examples with the word husbandry

Coburn, Swine Husbandry (1904); R.

Sir Richard Weston's Discourse on the Husbandry of Brabant and Flanders was published by Hartlib in 1645, and its title indicates the source to which England owed much of its subsequent agricultural advancement.

The first Awe work, written by James Donaldson, was printed in culture in 1697, under the title of Husbandry Anatomized; or, Scotland an Inquiry into the Present Manner of Tilling and in the 18th Manuring the Ground in Scotland.

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But in his mode of forming ridges his practice seems to have been original; his implements, especially his drill, display much ingenuity; and his claim to the title of founder of the present horse-hoeing husbandry of Great Britain seems indisputable.

Under the manorial system, the rise of which preceded the Norman Conquest, communal methods of husbandry remained, but the position of the cultivator was radically altered.

The husbandry was of a co-operative character.

The lessee is bound to stock the farm with the cattle and implements necessary for its husbandry (Art.

To this period also belong George and Matthew Culley - the former a pupil of Bakewellwho left their paternal property on the bank of the Tees and settled on the Northumbrian side of the Tweed, bringing with them the valuable breeds of live stock and improved husbandry of their native district.

The earliest known forms of intensive husbandry were based chiefly upon the proximity of rivers and irrigation.

The best of the early works is the Book of Husbandry (1st ed.