Sentence Examples with the word hurting

She watched, astonished, as it carefully cleaned her feet without hurting them and then slathered on oil from one vial and wrapped them in gauze.

Tell him how sorry I am, and tell him you weren't hurting me.

But the preacher's scandalous accusations missed their mark, and disgusted his hearers without hurting his rival.

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Or become vulnerable to someone else hurting you.

He had probably been hurting during the ride, but refused to say anything.

But it turns my stomach to think of a man hurting a woman like that.

His master was hurting her.

He'd spent hours on her, disabling her and then hurting her.

Jenn forced herself to move, hurting more from the wound inside than all those outside.

The French king therefore found it easy to form a temporary alliance with Russell, Hollis and the opposition leaders, by which they engaged to cripple the king's power of hurting France and to compel him to seek Louis's friendship, - that friendship, however, to be given only on the condition that they in their turn should have Louis's support for their cherished objects.