Sentence Examples with the word hurt

He rested his chin atop her head, knowing there were no words to comfort someone who hurt so deeply and regretful that he caused this pain.

He isn't hurt that bad.

Schultens was never the same as before to him; Reiske indeed was too independent, and hurt him by his open criticisms of his master's way of making Arabic mainly a handmaid of Hebrew.

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If he freed Damian, kiri would go back to his head, where his master couldn't hurt her.

Of all the emotions running through her mind, the one that hurt the most was knowing that everyone outside Hell had already written her off as a goner.

Emotional hurt wasn't satisfying enough.

He was dressed in black but not in SWAT gear, as if he knew nothing in this world could hurt him.

He must have been hurt badly to do that.

She probably wasn't thinking clearly enough to realize how badly it would have hurt Alex to think his wife was cheating.

Yes. It didn't hurt he's old enough that he's had time to build his power as well.