Sentence Examples with the word hurried

She covered her mouth and hurried away.

According to the hurried phone call Quinn has spent the last three months at this water side retreat writing a paper on some obscure theoretical principal.

These disasters compelled the retreat of the whole Silesian army, and Napoleon, leaving Mortier and Marmont to deal with them, hurried back to Troyes with his main body to strike the flank of Schwarzenberg's army, which had meanwhile begun its leisurely advance, and again at Mormant on the 17th of February, Montereau the 38th and Mery the he inflicted such heavy punishment upon his adversaries that they fell back precipitately to Bar-sur-Aube.

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Unable to find her voice, she hurried around him to the table where she'd left her coat.

His widow Alida, however, an ambitious woman of strong character, as soon as her husband was dead, hurried on a marriage between Ada and Count Louis of Loon; and attempted with the nobles of Holland, who now for the first time make their appearance as a power in the country, to oppose the claim which William had made to the countship as heir in the male line.

Hilden's frown deepened, but he accepted it and hurried away, sensing the urgency.

Marking the wall with more blood, she kept to the shadows and hurried down the road.

Rhyn tested the bonds of his cell again until a mage in a brown robe hurried down the hall to repair the damage.

On his release he hurried to take part in the defence of Saumur against the Vendean royalists, and distinguished himself at the combat of Saumur (June 10, 1793) by gallantly rescuing the representative Bourbotte from the hands of the insurgents.

The plump woman nodded and hurried away, like everyone save her father did around her.