Sentence Examples with the word hurricane

But it was not till a furious hurricane in November 1836 drove the waters as far as the gates of Amsterdam, and another on Christmas Day sent them in the opposite direction to submerge the streets of Leiden, that the mind of the nation was seriously turned to the matter.

In such places agriculture is made possible by irrigation, and the Mormon villages, both here and farther south along the base of the Hurricane Ledge, depend largely on this industry.

Of Chilpancingo; Chilapa (8256 in 1895), the most populous town of the state, partially destroyed by a hurricane in 1889, and again by the earthquake of 1907; Iguala (6631 in 1895); and Acapulco.

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Haser states that the plague disappeared everywhere in Europe after the great hurricane of the 27th of February 1714.

In 1907 a hurricane destroyed the greater part of the laurels of the Prado and the royal palms of the Parque de Colon.

Most violent hurricane passed over the island, injuring the orchards, destroying the fruit-trees, and damaging the sponges,.

Everything needs to be ready, especially if the hurricane shifts to make landfall.

The town was considerably damaged by the great hurricane of the 8th of August 1899.

Oh, and the tropical storm will become a hurricane late Saturday night.

In 1090 a tremendous hurricane passed over London, and blew down six hundred houses and many churches.