Sentence Examples with the word hunt down

Darian withdrew from her and the room, trotting down the stairs to hunt down the phone.

Parking wasn't a problem if you didn't mind paying the price of a good country dinner, but Dean didn't have time to hunt down a bargain so he reluctantly pulled into the closest lot.

It was in a crowded, shady side of town, the type of place he'd go to hunt down dinner, if he wasn't a kept vamp.

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Erected first as a temporary committee of public safety to hunt down the remnant of the conspirators and to keep a vigilant watch on Tiepolo's movements, it was finally made permanent in 1335.

This consists for the most part of the smaller mammals and poultry; although the association in packs enables these marauders to hunt down antelopes and sheep. When unable to obtain living prey, they feed on carrion and refuse of all kinds, and are thus useful in removing putrescent matter from the streets.

Short summary: Damian wants to hunt down the Others.

Between the two I'm sure of my triumphant success in completing this stage of my quest to hunt down this distractor in my road of adventure.

We set up sensors and shit, and I can then go hunt down and kill those who are here.

Ready to hunt down his second dinner for the night, Xander pulled off his sweater and replaced it with a t-shirt.

If this ends as it should, I'd gladly help him hunt down the remaining Others.