Sentence Examples with the word hunt

It designates the dark, glutinous substance which is scraped off the back of the Greenland or right whale, and much of which covers the decks of those inferior souls who hunt that ignoble Leviathan.

The Links are the scene every year of the Edinburgh race meetings and of those of the Royal Caledonian Hunt which are held every third year.

Agitated and chilled by the chamber, he transformed into his jaguar form to terrorize more Immortals on his way to hunt the demons in the forest.

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Labour organizations for hunting, communal hunt and migrations had to do with the animal world.

No one would hurt her or hunt her just to get to him.

Darian withdrew from her and the room, trotting down the stairs to hunt down the phone.

The crime was selling a zillion newspapers as the bloodthirsty public read with glee details of the gruesome treasure hunt that continued throughout the week.

HENRY JACKSON HUNT (1819-1889), American soldier, was born in Detroit, Michigan, on the 14th of September 1819, and graduated at the U.S. military academy in 1839.

Parking wasn't a problem if you didn't mind paying the price of a good country dinner, but Dean didn't have time to hunt down a bargain so he reluctantly pulled into the closest lot.

I get to go with you to hunt Others.