Sentence Examples with the word hunched

With some dread, she hunched her shoulders to keep anyone from looking at her micro and opened those from Mr. Tim.

The Council's scientist hunched as the demons took his arms and withdrew him from the chamber.

It was hunched over a book large enough to cover half the black stone desk at which it sat.

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He hunched over the book, rereading every passage, holding his breath as he turned each page.

His eyes were closed, his body hunched and hands clenched together.

Darian was cowering at the gate-line, his wide shoulders hunched and his frame shaking.

She heard the kid scream and hunched her shoulders, nearly vomiting at the sounds of his body being torn apart.

Mrs. Marsh sat in a chair opposite Adrienne, hunched over like an old woman.

His shoulders hunched protectively.

His shoulders hunched instinctively as he felt the eyes of the guards atop the walls on him.