Sentence Examples with the word humped

They seem to be of the humped variety, but with the hump evanescent.

Large herds of fine humped cattle are found almost all over the island.

The horned cattle include the humped oxen and buffaloes of India, and the yak of Tibet.

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Besides the buffaloes and a few humped Indian oxen, there are no cattle in the country.

Of domestic animals the Zulus possess a dwarf breed of smooth-skinned humped cattle.

He got off on it as he dry humped her and sucked her life from her.

Comparing the humped herds of whales with the humped herds of buffalo, which, not forty years ago, overspread by tens of thousands the prairies of Illinois and Missouri, and shook their iron manes and scowled with their thunder-clotted brows upon the sites of populous river-capitals, where now the polite broker sells you land at a dollar an inch; in such a comparison an irresistible argument would seem furnished, to show that the hunted whale cannot now escape speedy extinction.

The abdomen is usually sharply bent between the third and fourth segments and has a characteristically humped appearance when straightened out.

Of the domestic animals, all remarkable for their small size, the chief are the black, humped cattle somewhat resembling the Indian variety, and sheep and goats.

There are reports as to these cattle having been formerly crossed with the humped eastern species; and their characteristics are all in favour of such an origin.