Sentence Examples with the word humorist

The poets flourishing at that period were Folcacchiero, Cecco Angiolieri - a humorist of a very high order - and Bindo Bonichi, who belonged also to the following century.

He is commonly considered as a humorist, and no doubt he is a humorist of a remarkable comic force and of a refreshing fertility.

As a satirist and humorist Lichtenberg takes high rank among the German writers of the 18th century.

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As a dramatist he worked more in the spirit of Plautus than of Ennius, Pacuvius, Accius or Terence; but the great Umbrian humorist is separated from his older contemporary, not only by his breadth of comic power, but by his general attitude of moral and political indifference.

Another principal member of the school was Karl Frederik Dahlgren (q.v.; 1791-1844), a humorist who owed much to the example of Bellman.

THOMAS HOOD (1799-1845), British humorist and poet, the son of Thomas Hood, bookseller, was born in London on the 23rd of May 1799.

Happy the humorist whose works and life are an illustration of the great moral truth that the sense of humour is the just balance of all the faculties of man, the best security against the pride of knowledge and the conceits of the imagination, the strongest inducement to submit with a wise and pious patience to the vicissitudes of human existence.

Rabelais is, in short, if he be read without prejudice, a humorist pure and simple, feeling often in earnest, thinking almost always in jest.

The exceptions are chiefly to be found in the higher and mode poetical strains of feeling to which the humorist temperament lends itself with reluctance and distrust, though it by no means excludes them.