Sentence Examples with the word humans

The humans mean more to you than they do to me.

He looked at her, and she smiled the same gentle smile she used to greet humans to the underworld.

Those humans who are willing to serve the immortals will be spared, and those who aren't, won't.

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These days, humans sprayed and bathed in all kinds of crap to mask their odor.

The weapons lining his body and tucked into pockets of his trench coat were items of comfort rather than necessity; his hands alone had ended the lives of more humans and Immortals than there were stars in the sky he stared into.

Although, I suspect, if he has turned as many humans as it seems, he is too strong to be destroyed.

He was nothing like the deities who didn't mind sacrificing a few humans to get what they wanted.

Death dealers were immune to disease, poison, and any other thing humans could throw at them.

I mean, we know how we live and thus, how humans live.

And we are of an excellent family and have a pedigree that I challenge any humans to equal, as it extends back about twenty thousand years, to the time of the famous Green Dragon of Atlantis, who lived in a time when humans had not yet been created.