Sentence Examples with the word humanity

By 1831 the period of depression had passed; Mill's enthusiasm for humanity had been thoroughly reawakened, and had taken the definite shape of an aspiration to supply an unimpeachable method of search for conclusions in moral and social science.

He was the national bard of justice, humanity and reform, whose voice went up as a trumpet until the victory was won.

Palestinian states on the other, and that they could scarcely have escaped the all-pervading Babylonian influences of 2000-1400 B.C. It is now becoming clearer every day, especially since the discovery of the laws of Khammurabi, that, if we are to think sanely about Hebrew history before as well as after the exile, we can only think of Israel as part of the great complex of Semitic and especially Canaanite humanity that lived its life in western Asia between 2060 and 600 B.C.; and that while the Hebrew race maintained by the aid of prophetism its own individual and exalted place, it was not less susceptible then, than it has been since, to the moulding influences of great adjacent civilizations and ideas.

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Armed with the data to develop medical knowledge and wisdom, and the technological tools to enable medical progress at an ever-quickening pace, we can confidently foresee a day when humanity will overcome disease.

He excels in the humanity with which he treated the vanquished.

Cyprian insists on the admixture of water, which he says represented the humanity of Jesus, as wine his godhood.

It was true, and only Andre supported his petition to be recognized as one of the seven sons charged by their father with protecting humanity against the Dark One.

There was impunity for crimes against humanity by former heads of state.

It's why they do what they do, to protect humanity from that fate.

He and Sasha betrayed the Council and humanity long ago.