Sentence Examples with the word humanistic

The humanistic movement had created a common culture, a common language and sense of common nationality.

After the humanistic movement of the Renaissance the style rector was also given to the chief masters of schools containing several classes, and in some parts of Germany (e.g.

Ludwig Wiese's scheme of 1856 insisted on the retention of Latin verse as well as Latin prose, and showed less favour to natural science, but it awakened little enthusiasm, while the attempt to revive the old humanistic Gymnasium led to a demand for schools of a more modern type, which issued in the recognition of the Realgymnasium (1859).

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The humanistic influence was sufficiently strong to save him from wrecking his life in monkish mortification, and even to keep him for a time on the side of the party of progress.

He caused a scheme of humanistic education to be formulated, and gave employment at his court to rhetoricians, of whom Alcuin was the most considerable.

Thus the active humanistic life, called into existence by the enthusiasm of the pope, was not without its dark side.

The Renaissance theory of a humanistic education is illustrated by several treatises still extant.

In Socinianism (see below) we have perhaps the only instance of humanistic antecedents leading to the formation of a religious sect.

But such attacks were rare and isolated and were not intended to effect a breach in the solid ramparts of the medieval Church, but rather to exhibit the ingenuity of the critic. In the libraries collected under humanistic influences the patristic writers, both Latin and Greek, and the scholastic doctors are conspicuous.

Encouraged the search for manuscripts, and Vienna became a great humanistic centre.