Sentence Examples with the word humanist

The eloquence of the Italian humanist has bestowed a not entirely merited aureole on the memory of Jerome of Prague.

JOVIANUS PONTANUS (1426-1503), Italian humanist and poet, was born in 1426 at Cerreto in the duchy of Spoleto, where his father was murdered in one of the frequent civil brawls which then disturbed the peace of Italian towns.

Jerrold, Francesco Petrarca, poet and humanist (1909).

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It not only sobered the humanist tendency to sacrifice truth for aesthetic effect, it called for the documents of the Church and subjected them to the most hostile criticism.

His tutors were the learned Janos Vitez, bishop of Nagyvarad, whom he subsequently raised to the primacy, and the Polish humanist Gregory Sanocki.

Morneweg, Johann von Dalberg, ein deutscher Humanist and Bischof (Heidelberg, 1887).

During this time he composed his greatest works, published almost certainly in 1159, the Policraticus, sive de nugis, curialium et de vestigiis philosophorum and the Ilietalogicus, writings invaluable as storehouses of information regarding the matter and form of scholastic education, and remarkable for their cultivated style and humanist tendency.

In the 15th century it was the seat of a celebrated academy, founded by the humanist Rodolphus Agricola, which contributed not a little to the revival of learning in this part of Germany; Erasmus of Rotterdam was one of its students.

He was, it is clear, thoroughly penetrated with the instincts, the hopes, and the ideas of the Renaissance in the form which it took in France, in England and in Germany - a form, that is to say, not merely humanist but full of aspirations for social and political improvement, and above all for a joyous, varied, and non-ascetic life.

The papal throne was ascended by, a man whose name was famous as poet, historian, humanist and statesman, Plus 11., and whose far-seeing eye and exact knowledge of 1458 -1464.