Sentence Examples with the word human nature

They were accused of teaching that the divine nature was not incarnated in but only attendant on Jesus, being superadded to his human nature after the latter was completely formed.

The innovations, it must be admitted, did not prove so efficient as he expected, because human nature and traditional habits cannot be changed as quickly as institutions.

Paul's want of political wisdom, and his ignorance of human nature aroused antagonisms fatal.

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Casuistry came to the aid of average human nature - that is to say, pupils began to confront the master with hard cases taken from daily life.

Over against this the orthodox or Catholic positionmaintained that Christ assumed human nature in its entirety including the vows, for only so could He be example and redeemer.

But he has a different theory of human nature and soul, and so does not accept the Kantian conclusion that things in themselves, in the sense of things beyond phenomena, are all unknowable.

That rediscovery of the classic past restored the confidence in their own faculties to men striving after spiritual freedom; revealed the continuity of history and the identity of human nature in spite of diverse creeds and different customs; held up for emulation masterworks of literature, philosophy and art; provoked inquiry; encouraged criticism; shattered the narrow mental barriers imposed by medieval orthodoxy.

A deep melancholy took possession of him, and gave a dark tinge to all his views of human nature and of human destiny.

It is not a human individual that the Logos assumes, nor is it humanity, or human nature in general.

I have studied human nature for the entirety of my existence.