Sentence Examples with the word hull

The disturbance of the compass by the magnetism of the hull is generally modified, sometimes favourably, more often un favourably, by the magnetized fittings of the ship, such as masts, conning towers, deck houses, engines and boilers.

Most of the scientific drawings have been taken from the stranded fish; and these are about as correct as a drawing of a wrecked ship, with broken back, would correctly represent the noble animal itself in all its undashed pride of hull and spars.

It is pleasantly situated at the foot of the Wolds, and is connected with Hull by a navigable canal.

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But I should not much wonder if, in the darkness of that early hour of the morning, the shock was after all caused by an unseen whale vertically bumping the hull from beneath.

When it subsided the ship was still afloat, but she was nothing but a gutted hull lighted by a dying glare, and she fired no more.

Hadley, History of the Town and County of Kingston-upon-Hull (Hull, 1788); C. Frost, Notices relative to the Early History of the Town and Port of Hull (London, 1827); J.

After losing the Hull chaplaincy through a change of ministry in 1714, he devoted himself to writing.

Of Hull by a branch of the NorthEastern railway.

Hearing the tremendous rush of the sea-crashing boat, the whale wheeled round to present his blank forehead at bay; but in that evolution, catching sight of the nearing black hull of the ship; seemingly seeing in it the source of all his persecutions; bethinking it--it may be--a larger and nobler foe; of a sudden, he bore down upon its advancing prow, smiting his jaws amid fiery showers of foam.

General Botha was defeated at Pretoria East by Sir Percy Fitzpatrick, and at Georgetown - a Rand constituency - Mr Hull was beaten by Sir George Farrar.