Sentence Examples with the word hulking

The galley was occupied by three hulking men at a table.

She was quiet as he flipped through the individual configurations of each kind of ship, from transport to logistic to the hulking carrier ships.

Their great hulking forms and throaty grunts enhanced the theme of western frontier.

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She avoided turning around to see what must have been a hulking grey mass of metal spaceship.

Talal, their home in exile, the canyon filled with hulking grey ships in the moonlight near Romas's home, the flower in the fountain of the sacred temple.

The pod rotated slowly, revealing the shape of the hulking grey ship as it grew farther away.

The dual moons seemed to hover somewhere in the middle of the air of a massive chasm, just like the dozen or so hulking spaceships, whose dark grey skins reflected like skins of massive grey whales in the moonlight.