Sentence Examples with the word huff

The first free travelling library in the state was established here in 1896 by James Huff Stout.

Indeed its founder, Ramananda, who probably flourished in the latter part of the 14th century, according to the traditional account, was originally a SriVaishnava monk, and, having come under the suspicion of laxity in observing the strict rules of food during his peregrinations, and been ordered by his superior (Mahant) to take his meals apart from his brethren, left the monastery in a huff and set up a schismatic math of his own at Benares.

The city is widely known for its institutions, for the most part founded or supported by James Huff Stout (1848-1910), a prominent local lumberman.

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He upbraided the mother with her hardheartedness, and when she resented his interference he departed in a huff and they never met again.

Their was plenty of huff and puff from all of us, but we lacked guile.