Sentence Examples with the word huddled

She huddled against the trunk, too terrified to make a sound.

Jessi whirled to see the cat huddled over its bowl of food.

Lankha was huddled in a corner, but she rolled to watch.

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A woman huddled over a screen spoke up.

Beyond Vyazma the French army instead of moving in three columns huddled together into one mass, and so went on to the end.

Frenchie was beaten badly by old Tom who Mrs. Rinaldi struck with a poker, but she was more troubled that he bled on her carpet than by sobbing Frenchie huddled in the corner and Tom, who remained near-dead when his friends dragged him out into the snowy night.

She stood on the front porch, cigarette in hand, huddled in the corner so as not to be seen by Ryland when he returned Dean guessed.

They looked down, and at the bottom they saw some lambs huddled together among the rocks.

Lankha was huddled in a corner with his hands over his head.

The men sat huddled up trying not to stir, so as to warm the water that had trickled to their bodies and not admit the fresh cold water that was leaking in under their seats, their knees, and at the back of their necks.