Sentence Examples with the word hub

The road edged a thatch of forest past the water treatment plant and the power plant, and circled the central command hub in which she worked before leading to the main entrance of the compound.

The third room is filled with my wizard mad scientist husband's electronic hub bub of messy experiments.

Neat and comfortable, their station acted as their home as well as their hub for coordinating operations in LA.

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The command hub held a dozen workstations, one for each eastern critical infrastructure, and a wall secured behind titanium glass of keypads, buttons, and computer screens that acted as the emergency backup.

Greenie's holed up in the hub trying to figure out what to do.

The interior of the command hub was darkened, aside from the light of systems and screens on all the walls.

She reached the command hub to find the general pacing in front while three guards waited a short distance from him.

She twisted in her seat to face General Greene, one of the three people on the compound authorized by the manic commander to be present in the command hub alone.