Sentence Examples with the word hoy

Of Pomona, from which it is separated by Hoy Sound.

And S.E., and Hoy on the W.

Shorthorns and polled Angus are the commonest breeds of cattle; the sheep are mostly Cheviots and a Cheviot-Leicester cross, but the native sheep are still reared in considerable numbers in Hoy and South Ronaldshay; pigs are also kept on several of the islands, and the horses - as a rule hardy, active and small, though larger than the famous Shetland ponies - are very numerous, but mainly employed in connexion with agricultural work.

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Excepting on the west fronts of Pomona, Hoy and Rousay, the coast-line of the islands is deeply indented, and the islands themselves are divided from each other by straits generally called sounds or firths, though off the north-east of Hoy the designation Bring Deeps is used, south of Pomona is Scapa Flow and to the south-west of Eday is found the Fall of Warness.

The detached pillar or stack called the Old Man of Hoy (450 ft.) is a well-known landmark to sailors.

Thus the Old Man of Hoy in Orkney is a huge column of yellow sandstone between 400 and 500 ft.

Between Hoy and Pomona are Hunda (8), Cava (17), and Graemsay (195), which has excellent soil and is mostly under cultivation.