Sentence Examples with the word howe

The following islands may be classified as oceanic, but not with any of the three main divisions: the Bonin Islands, north of the Marianas, belonging to Japan; Lord Howe and Norfolk Islands (to New South Wales); Easter Island (to Chile); the Galapagos Islands (to Ecuador).

An enthusiastic humanitarian on all subjects, Dr Howe was an ardent abolitionist and a member of the Free Soil party, and had played a leading part at Boston in the movements which culminated in the Civil War.

As railway loads increased and greater spans were demanded, the Howe truss was stiffened by timber arches on each side of each girder.

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HUBERT HOWE BANCROFT (1832-), American historical writer, was born at Granville, Ohio, on the 5th of May 1832.

The British government intended that Howe should co-operate with Burgoyne by fighting his way up the Hudson, but as the secretary of state for the colonies neglected to send him such instructions this was not undertaken until early in October, and then an expedition for the purpose was placed under the command of Sir Henry Clinton.

Released on parole, he bore a verbal message from Lord Howe to the Continental Congress, which led to the fruitless conference on Staten Island.

JOSEPH HOWE (1804-1873), Canadian statesman, was born at Halifax, Nova Scotia, on the 13th of December 1804, the son of John Howe (1752-1835), a United Empire Loyalist who was for many years king's printer and postmaster-general for the Maritime Provinces and the Bermudas.

In 1782 he was created Viscount Howe of Langar, and in 1788 Baron and Earl Howe.

In 1778 Sir Henry Clinton succeeded Howe in the chief command in America.

For Dr. Howe is the great pioneer on whose work that of Miss Sullivan and other teachers of the deaf-blind immediately depends.