Sentence Examples with the word household

The due performance of funeral rites re-created the blood tie and renewed the kinship of living and dead at the moment when death seemed specially to endanger it by removal of that representative of the household whose special duty it had been to keep up the family sacra.

According to one account he was the son of the household genius (Lar) and a slave named Ocrisia, of the household of Tarquinius Priscus.

Oswulf was slain by his household at a place called Mechil Wongtun in 759.

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As always happens when women lead lonely lives for any length of time without male society, on Anatole's appearance all the three women of Prince Bolkonski's household felt that their life had not been real till then.

The zadruga, or household community, more common in Servia (q.v.), survives to a small extent in Bosnia and Herzegovina; but, as a rule, the tenure of land resembles, the system called metayage.

But Urraca was tenacious of her right as proprietary queen and had not learnt chastity in the polygamous household of her father.

Within this area the petty chiefs have appointment orders, the people are disarmed, and the rate of tribute per household is fixed in each case.

A trained midwife was engaged for Bogucharovo at his expense, and a priest was paid to teach reading and writing to the children of the peasants and household serfs.

His trusted advisor had never done so before, but A'Ran hadn't thought any member of his household capable of the complexities of battle planning.

It is more profitable to turn from the life of the household to the outdoor occupations of the fields, where the early Roman settler met with his neighbours to celebrate the various stages of the agricultural year in religious ceremonies which afterwards became the festivals of the state calendar.