Sentence Examples with the word hourglass

Gabriel replaced the hourglass after several unsuccessful attempts to shake it.

He held up the hourglass in the space between them.

Her toned hourglass shape was clothed in jeans and a snug t-shirt and pink house slippers, as if she'd left home in a hurry.

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The sand in the hourglass had begun to fall faster the past two days.

My bet is that you will do both before the hourglass runs out.

He watched her grab the hourglass and toss it in the air.

Gabriel returned to the Sanctuary in the Caribbean and paced in front of the hourglass perched on the altar.

He tossed the hourglass onto a chair.

She slid the Oracle's book carefully into a satchel and replaced it inside the altar before placing the hourglass in front of him.

A small hourglass with black sand was in his palm.