Sentence Examples with the word hotly

The war was hotly contested, for Sir Eyre Coote was now an old man, and the Mysore army was welldisciplined and equipped, and also skilfully handled by Hyder and his son Tippoo.

On the 25th of July, with General Winfield Scott, he fought a hotly contested, but indecisive, battle with the British under General Gordon Drummond (1 7 7 1-18 J4) at Lundy's Lane, where he was twice wounded.

The granting of a reprieve was hotly resented by the people of Edinburgh, and on the night of the 7th of September 1736 an armed body of men in disguise broke into the prison, seized Porteous, and hanged him on a signpost in the street.

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Discussion proceeded hotly on the merits of a preferential tariff, and on August 15th a manifesto appeared against it signed by fourteen professors or lecturers on political economy, including Mr Leonard Courtney, Professor Edgeworth, Professor Marshall, Professor Bastable, Professor Smart, Professor J.

From that time the question of the pleomorphism (mutability of shape) of the bacteria has been hotly discussed; but it is now generally agreed that, while a various forms of bacteria and the and their arrangement.

Strong political factions were instantly formed for and against military emancipation, and the government was hotly beset by antagonistic counsel.

The dispute raged hotly from 1239 to 1245.

Champollion, whose claims were hotly disputed for many years after his death, is now universally acknowledged to have been the founder of Egyptology.

This view was hotly contested by many workers and it was sought to explain the trichogyne - without much success - as a respiratory organ, or as a boring organ which made a way for the developing apothecium.

After the disaster of Angora, from which it seemed impossible that the Ottoman fortunes could ever recover, the princes fled each with as many troops as he could induce to Inter- follow him, being hotly pursued by Timur's armies.